Another Playtest Round has begun!

Hey guys! I’m looking for some more players for another round of high-fantasy fun and playtesting the updated version of the Spellcasting System:

On the Fringes

A playtest one-shot, testing this new homebrew Spellcasting system for Open Legend:

The basic rules for Open Legend can be found here for free:

DAY: Saturday the 7th of March
TIME: 7:00PM CET (1:00PM Eastern/10:00AM Pacific)
DURATION: Around 3 hours (+time for feedback)
WHERE: + Discord (for Voice)
SETTING: A High-Magic setting in the mountain peaks of the great mountain range of Yv’Lin. Over the centuries the reckless magical traditions have created many creatures and beasts that have escaped the laboratories and test rooms, and are now roaming freely the mountain ranges. Yet those creatures can’t be allowed to cross the border to leave, otherwise, they reveal the existence of this hidden magical realm. You are on border control to stop them! (Level 1 Characters)
SEEKING: 3 to 4 players to participate, newcomers are welcome!