Annoying Stealth Sniper

Character Concept for you all, including progression.

Archetype: Annoying Stealth Sniper

#Sam Crossbolt/Bullet/Laser (depending on setting for last name)
Through an odd twist of fate, Sam was cursed with the ability to alter his surroundings. At least that is how his family and community took it. Sam looked at it in another light though, especially when he learned to alter the air and light around him to render him virtually invisible. He never had the opportunity to train under anyone and is fully self taught. Because of this, he doesn’t have the full talent that others who have studied alteration, but he gets by with what he has. Learning to do small amounts of aid to himself and potential allies.

Sam spends most of his waking hours invisible, much to the annoyance of any traveling partners. He has a need to poke and prod his friends while invisible, often surprising them, and mostly aggravating them.

Due to a twist with whatever granted him access to altering his surroundings, he finds himself unable to lie, always being honest with his answers to others. He quickly gave up on using his invisibility to steal, as whenever questioned, he would readily admit what he had done. Sam has found a few workarounds to this honesty, mainly in not answering, or being vague, though he doesn’t always utilize it unless he feels it might but someone in danger.

Being a somewhat outcast from his own community, he quickly developed the ability to be resourceful. He did manage to take up an apprenticeship, and is capable enough to produce some basic weapons and armor.

Utilizing his invisibility in combat situations to surprise his foes, getting a jump on them, and then hitting precise spots to maximize damage, often to a lethal amount. He’ll usually begin at range, sniping targets, until it is needed to get close, where he utilizes his blades in close combat, still usually unseen, dealing maximum damage.

When needed, he can alter himself or allies, modifying their natural healing capabilities to speed up. He can also boost himself or allies in their various abilities, such as increasing blood flow, muscle mass, oxygen to the brain, or their innate abilities. Once in awhile he can strengthen someone’s defenses.

#Starting Stats
Attributes: Agility 4 (1d10), Alteration (2d6)
Hit Points: 22
Guard: 18 (21 when Invisible)
Toughness: 14
Resolve: 14
Speed: 30’
Feats: Boon Focus I (Invisible), Lethal Strike I
Notable Equipment: 2 Custom made Crossbows with leather straps attached to trenchcoat and with daggers sheathed in the handles. Trenchcoat also made by him.

Perks: Artisan (Weapon/Armor smith), Vagabond
Flaws: Honest, Addiction (taking advantage of being Invisible [aka annoying people])

Favored Actions
Sniping Shot (damaging attack):
Agility vs Guard, advantage 2 (1 from lethal, 1 from surprise [invisible], -2 Guard if they can’t see me)

Lethal Daggers (damaging attack):
Agility vs Guard, advantage 3 (1 dual wielding, 1 lethal, 1 from surprise [invisible], -2 Guard if they can’t see me)

Incognito (Invisible, boon focus I):
Alteration on 1 target = success, Advantage 2 for multi-targeting (CR = 20)

Altering Enhancement (Bolster PL 3)
Alteration vs CR 16 = Advantage 1 on target(s)

Healing Factor GO! (Regeneration PL 1/3/5)
Alteration vs CR 12/16/20 (1d4/1d6/1d8)

Harder to Hit! (Resistance PL 3/5)
Alteration vs CR 16/20 (+3/6 vs chosen attack type)

Bleed Out (Persistant Damage PL 6)
Agility vs Guard (1d8 per round)

Stun (Stun attack PL 4)
Agility vs Toughness

#Level Progression
Level 1:
Level 3:
Level 5:
Level 7:
Level 10:


Focus in leveling to get Boon Focus III for Invisible, then can also have Bolster up on self for more advantage, or resistance for defense.

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Also to note, can easily fit into any setting. Could be Modern, with a rifle and daggers. Could be Sci-fi with a Laser Rifle and Energy Daggers, etc.