Animal Aspects Shapeshifter Archetype - thoughts?

I have a player that wants to create a character that does the following:

She is a normal looking, rather unassuming human female, but at will can transform her body to add aspects of various animals (inspired by the DC comics character Vixen. These transformations are instantaneous and don’t require any preparation.

For example:

  • If surrounded by a group of minions, she can take on the aspect of a Rhino and grow rhino skin and then turn her hands into rhino like shield and horns (one is rhino-hide shield, other is large horn).
  • If she needs to travel real fast, she can take on aspects of a cheetah and elongate her body and run double her speed.
  • If she wants to scout terrain, she can take on aspects of a falcon and fly with amazing perception and eyesight.

To accomplish this we’re using the Shapeshift boon, with boon focus III to allow instantaneous transformations and the ability to not have to sustain the form.

I want to encourage her to come up with forms as needed, on the fly (pun intended). My thought is to allow her to redistribute her physical attributes & perception based on each form (agility, fortitude, might, perception). I’m not sure how to deal with speed, maybe I’ll just wing that for each form.

I wanted to get a sense from all you amazing GMs on how you would accomplish this. Thoughts? I’m very open to suggestions and input.

You can certainly accomplish it from shapeshift (and boon focus III), however you could accomplish this via boons and flavor. Everything in Open Legend is the Fluff and Flavor you add it to.

So for the rhino form, she gets tougher skin (higher defense) and a shield and a weapon (shield = defense too).

Resistance Boon, adds 3, 6, 9, Immunity to Defense vs a chosen type. After invocting it, can just describe it as the rhino stuff. And the horn is just using unarmed, so basic rolls.

If she focuses on Alteration (which makes the most sense here), can do all her attacks via the alteration attribute (the horn attack via that instead of Might). She just has to Self-limit herself to using it as melee.

Haste Boon for cheetah speed

Flight boon for falcon, Bolster boon to Perception.

So she would probably want to take Superior concentration in that case.

Now if you want to go the shapeshift way, that is 100% fine too. Some animals will have a faster base speed (30 for most characters), so you can do that for the cheetah, otherwise the cheetah might do haste boon on itself when it runs.


The issue of Shapeshift vs Flavor/Other Boons is that you will need to have alternate “builds” for each Shapeshift aspect you take.

For an easier time, I agree with @Great_Moustacheand you would stick to other Boons and equipment and flavor them accordingly.