Ambassadors Campaign - A free in-progress campaign for OL

I’ve just begun my first OL Campaign and decided to document everything that is created in an effort to build a repeatable campaign setting for OL that I can release CC-BY-NC-SA to the community.

First, the link to the working board:

I improvise a ton at the table, so there are many situations or details that I don’t know until a session happens. Imagine a line drawing that fills in with detail as the session continues. Thus, I’m documenting things after each session.

Anyway, I figured it may be fun for others. When the campaign comes to an end I hope to compile it into PDF format as well as release the PDF creation files (I don’t know what free software I’ll use for layout yet) for people to use and, if they want, translate (Yay Creative Commons license!).

Here’s the premise:

The group is part of the Ambassador Core, an organization that recruits individuals willing to leave their old lives behind, at risk of great peril, to connect more worlds together and represent themselves and the known federation of worlds on unknown places.

Each member of the party volunteered for this mission that will be their primary mission for the rest of their lives. They were all gathered and met for less than 24 hours before being brought into the transfer chamber where a portal would open for a brief 5 minute window to an unexplored world. This portal will not reopen again for almost 5 years.

The party steps through the portal, unsure what to expect on the other side, but intent on representing themselves and the federation in the best possible light.

This adventure is:

  • Clear Good vs Bad Guys
  • Upbeat (let them be heroes)
  • No required player knowledge (e.g. Noir)
  • The farther from the real world the better
  • Truly available for open character creation
  • No survival game mechanics
  • Not cyberpunk or space

sounds kinda Stargate or Terra Nova ish. very cool idea for a campaign.

Just for those who popped in a while back and haven’t returned, we’re 3 sessions in now and a world and adventures are really starting to come together (it would be 4 sessions but had to cancel today).

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Things are really getting intense!

There is a small island with a stranded Dios (corrupted Tengu from the other continent that the Tengu know nothing about but the Ambassadors do). Is he a spy or a refugee?

EaRtHqUaKe!!! Fire… heroic rescues! A sinkhole topples the obelisk remembering the fallen Tengu in the cataclysm, but what’s this!? A secret catacombs below the obelisk? What’s in there!!!

This story and world is really turning out to be a lot of fun. I look forward to its eventual conclusion then release as the first freebie from HeroMuster Unlatched!


Im really enjoying this

The campaign has completed after 12 sessions (4-5 hours each)!
The trello board has been fully updated. Next stop: conversion into a PDF layout for easier distribution as well as releasing the source files for that PDF (Scribd probably) in case someone wants to convert or translate (Yay CC-BY-NC-SA license!).