Amaurea's Dawn adventure path?

Random and possibly already answered question:

Will The Amaurea’s Dawn book/PDF that ships with the kickstarter have an adventure path (like Star Once Fallen, but bigger/longer), or is it more of a campaign setting with set ups for various adventure paths that GMs devise themselves?

Hey Shashi,

The Kickstarter has funded the creation of 4 Amaurea’s Dawn adventures (Schlectenberg, House Rhuviel, House Nivenilya, and House Valurien). But all of these will be delivered AFTER the Campaign Setting and the Core Rules ship out. Backer tiers that include PDF content stretch goals will include these adventures as PDF and we will be making print-on-demand versions of them available through DriveThruRPG, etc.

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Holy cow, @brianfeister I just realized I get those! HAPPY DAY!!!

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@brianfeister - Dare I ask when you are hoping that those will be available?

My group will have our first play session of OL in late June and I’m trying to decide whether to setup an interim adventure for them and if so, how long I should plan on it being.

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No idea when they’ll be available, but I’m pretty confident none of the supplemental adventures will be released by then, sorry to say :frowning:

@brianfeister - all good. we shall all wait eagerly, but patiently.