Alternate Form and Fatigue/Indomitable Endurance Interaction

For context, I was playing an Alternate Form character in a campaign with my friends. The alternate form my character would turn into used the Battle Trance feat as it’s main ability. Knowing about the fatigue battle trance gives, I was going to take Indomitable Endurance. But then I thought of something: If I only have Indomitable Endurance in one form, does that mean I could die instantly switching back to my base form with no feat points in Indomitable Endurance? (Example being my alternate form character has a total of 6 fatigue but it’s being reduced by 1 or 2 by indomitable endurance, the switching back to his base form) My group, after talking, decided to say yes, but mostly as a temporary answer. But I wanted to see if anyone could inform me of an official ruling about this (if it exists, of course), to see if our ruling on the matter was indeed correct.

As HP goes across Alt Forms, I would say in likewise manner all banes would too.

This makes sense from a balance format as well.

The official ruling, however, would be “That is up to the GM as to what makes sense for the world and for that particular Character and the nature of their Alternate Form.” Which means a discussion between the player and the GM.

My suggestions would be:

  1. The player cannot turn back b/c of the obvious possibility of death
  2. The player can turn back, and like with HP, instead of being at 0, you are at 1, instead of 6+ fatigue, you are at 5, 1 away from death. Now this wouldn’t get rid of some of your Fatigue if you turned back again, as that would be clearly cheating, but any fatigue levels recovered would be recovered across both.

It’s a bit more tracking and figuring you have to do with #2, but it can work.

There could be a third option, again, if it was something that made sense for the particular way that your character alt forms.

Banes on one form stay on that form. However, this would mean that if you switched forms, you wouldn’t be able to recover from any banes until you switched back and worked on it in that form.

The vast majority of cases this wouldn’t make sense, but I could see it maybe working on some very fringe cases for strange worlds, or the ways things work between planes or what not.

The first suggestion was what I generally thought of at first, but decided against it. Thanks for the very informative reply!