Advice for colossal sized enemies

I was curious to know everyone’s take on the use of monsters and enemies of colossal size. Within the rules, how would one go abouts using appropriate scale for say a breath weapon or a tail attack as an example when the creatures size towers over traditional sky scrapers. Any thoughts would be helpful

So, this is tricky since the rules only offer very limited guidance on it, only increasing reach with increasing size. That’s it, so you have to rely on the more conventional NPC building rules.

Beyond that, the question then becomes what I always ask myself when creating an encounter: What do I want the encounter to accomplish? Do I want the monstrous creature to be just a huge bag of HP? Do you want your creature over cities, like a Kaiju, and only needs to be rerouted and distracted? Do you want your creature to be climbed and attacked at a weak spot, like in Shadow of the Colossus?

The answer to that question will lead to very different designs and problem-solving, so I can’t really give you a better answer than: “It depends”. If you share some more details, then I could be of more help.


I have been wanting to try out a Shadow of Colossus style encounter for a while! Gonna happen in a cyberpunk game I’m running privately but not for a little bit cuz life and gametime struggles lol. I would covet any advice to that specifically!

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