A seemingly mundane heroic mission that involves a cat and a tree

It’s a classic.
The typical old granny whose cat whose name ALWAYS has to be Mittens is stuck on top of a tree.

Last session we just felt like goofin’ around and doing useless things away from the main storyline.

One of the things that happened that session involved this typical scenario described above.

“What seems to be the trouble madame!?!?!?!?” My player asked, all too eager to perform the most mundane of heroic activity for minor benefits of minor proportions. (or so he thought)
“Oh great hero! Please it is most troublesome! My pet Mittens has gotten himself stuck on top of this tree! You must save him!” said the troubled grandma.
I then describe how his character looked up to gauge the height of the tree.
How his head kept looking higher… And higher… And higher… And higher up…

It turns out… This mission isn’t as simple as it seems…
That tree… IS OVER 500 feet of height!
Climbing that thing… Will be a challenge of epic proportion! And suddenly falling down mid climb… Could result in death!


I was trying to discourage the players to stop this nonsense… They’ve been doing this for about a whole 5 days of in game time of just performing mundane hero activities, and I kinda want them to move forward with the plot.
Their next mission is their final one, with them facing after the final boss… This is no time for a pointless filler arc! What is this!? A Shounen Battle Anime???

“I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move.” Said my player as they call another player, the one with an axe. “What are you doing?” I ask. “See this Axe?” Said the player.
"I’mma use this as an impromptu climbing gear and climb the tree using it.

“Sure… I give. Just roll for might to climb or something.”
Not what I expected someone with an axe would do when trees are involved.

They rolled a 43.

“It was a long and difficult climb but at long last, your character reaches the top and grabs the kitten and climbs back down… Safely. The granny thanks you for your troubles and leaves you with not even a cent to spare.”

With nothing bad happening, I presume they’ll keep doing this for the entire duration of their 1 month of downtime before the final fight.
Oh boy…

At this point there should be plenty of questions.
Like why is there a huge tree in the middle of this city that we’ve never seen before?
How did that cat get up there?
But my players can’t be bothered.
They want to keep going on these side trips in hopes that doing enough of them, I’ll give them ONE MORE level before the final fight.

I… I won’t…
Not when you’re doing things like that!
They’re like level 9 now, and the only way they can possibly turn level 10 now… Is the final fight! Nothing else!


Hahaha :laughing:

If they keep grinding you could have big bad come to them, either the big bad themself; their minions; or something else entirely that is motivated by big bad. The last one could give you a longer arc – so probably not what you want – still it could be, because it can be a clear omen that the world will be tumbling down around them unless they act.

An example may be refugees fleeing big bad giving the PC’s a ton of mundane logistics problems with innocent lives on the line if they can’t find sustenance and shelter.

Anyway, thanks for a thrilling story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Are they perfectly aware that the only way they’ll become Level 10 is the big bad final showdown? Or are they still under the wrongful impression they are living in a JRPG? :joy:

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