A question about weapons specific banes [Answered]

I am a new player and unclear about the use of banes specific to weapons.

In the rules it states

When an attacker uses the weapon to inflict one of the listed banes, they may treat the power level as reduced by one for purposes of meeting bane invocation attribute prerequisites, which the attacker still must meet.

So does this mean that a character with Agility 5 can invoke Persistent Damage 6 using a longsword?

Am I missing something? I may just be confused by the wording.

Yes, you can inflict a bane at 1 PL higher than you normally could otherwise. So exactly what you typed about Persistent Damage.

However, you still roll your Attribute dice as they are.

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Also with advantage 1, it’s worth keeping in mind. Baneful properties on weapon grant advantage and let you access banes 1 PL higher than you normally could and occasionally with a different attribute than normal.

It’s intended to give Agility and Might based characters a bit of a nudge to keep up with the diversity of Extraordinary attributes. Hope that clears it up @Vrenshrrg (the usual answer in OL is that it probably works how you think it does).

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Indeed! But also only on a Bane Attack.

If you do a Regular Damaging Attack and get an Exceptional Success, you can apply a Bane at a higher PL as well.

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Thank you both for answering, that cleared it up!

It was the “which the attacker must still meet” bit that confused me.