A new feat for Facial Hair

Facial Hair Growth
Cost: 3 points

  • Presence 1

You have the ability to grow Facial Hair. This can grow from simple stuble all the way to a full grown beard.

Your attribute score in Presence determines the max facial hair configruation you can have determined by your Tier below. If you posses a higher attribute score, you may choose to have a lower tier of this feat. The tiers do not stack, and each effect is dependent on which tier you are currently displaying.

  • Tier 1: Five o’clock Shadow. You gain the ability to invoke a -1 to Resolve of a target when rolling to Command and use Authority via the Presence Attribute

  • Tier 2: Stubble. You gain advantage 1 to Presence rolls

  • Tier 3: Short Beard. You gain advantage 1 to Presence rolls, and 1/session you automatically succeed on a roll of CR 16 or lower

  • Tier 4: Goatee. You may use your Presence to do Deception rolls, and only gain Advantage 1 on Deception.

  • Tier 5: Pencil Moustache. You may use your Presence to do Persuasion rolls, but only in situations that would help you garner sympathy for the worm that is on your upper lip.

there will be Tiers 6 - 9 as well

This is first draft, so naturally expect changes. Suggestions, thoughts, re-arrangement of Tiers?


How about once you invest up to tier 3 instead of it just being a set beard for the next tier you may choose 1 from a list and gain its effects? Maybe even adjust the cost of the next tier based on the ability.

 This is hilarious. I want to hear some awesome stories about how a beard ends up killing a monster.
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Tier 8 - Oracle. You may use you Presence to do logic skills, 1/ day, as your glorious beard has clearly become sentient and strangely smart.

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@Great_Moustache, please make this happen!


I have ideas that could make this work.

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Victorian steampunk style! Top hats, monocles, and canes! Oh my!