[6/6 Roll20 LFM] Fantasy x Steampunk Weekly Game

The game is now full. Sorry for the hassle, this post will be updated again if more players are needed.

Our original adventurers found themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious island with no immediate means to escape. They fought many dangerous foes and managed to strengthen their bonds (hilarious party antics involved of course). Met with strange creatures, tangled with forces evil and unknown. They are about to complete their time on said island soon and embark on an even greater journey; Will you join them?

Hey fellow humans, I’m actually looking for 1-2 players to join my campaign in about 2 or 3 weeks from now. Fantasy x Steampunk, leaning more on the fantasy side of things at the moment but that could change soon. I’d like to write a more interesting introduction but it’s quite difficult for me because our party is currently in the middle of resolving a conflict that could end in many ways, so here’s a boring old rundown of facts.

Language: English
Time: 9AM MDT on Sundays
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: Sessions last for around 3 hours

Here’s a roll20 link if you want more details: (Seriously I put a lot of lore in there, feel free to read as much or as little as you want.)

You can apply here or on the thread in roll20, Here’s a format I would recommend using, to make things easier.
Experience with Tabletop RPGs:
Character Name:
Character Background:
P.S. If you choose to write a 10 page essay on the multiplicity of your character’s nature, I will read it all. Put as many or as few details as you like.

Have an excellent day.


Hi! I would like to join
Name: Martin
Experience: Lots of DND, A bit of OL
Character Name: Tarkir Eledesh
Archetype: Custom Build
Background: Former Law Enforcement, Now Mercenary

If you want to take a look at his sheet, here it is:

@blackbird I believe that “archetype” means the role you expect your character to fill (like support, or sharpshooter, or paladin). Can’t really call it a custom build when that’s what OL is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d also recommend Heromuster for sharing character sheets. You can find the link in the banner at the top of the page.

By archetype I mean a theme of sorts, as in what is your character’s specialty. For example: Headhunter, Hedge Witch, Berserker, Sniper, Mechanic, generic fighter 34 etc etc.

Name: Schylour Trojanovich
Age: 21
Experience with Tabletop RPGs: I have about 3 years of dnd 5e and a years worth of time in op, a little bit of mutants and masters, pathfinder, and dnd 3.5
Character Name: Emon D.
Race: Unknown to this world, but human looking
Archetype: Grim Reaper (a guide for lost souls)
Character Background: My name is Emon, and this is how I came to be in this world. My story begins in The Jungles, the land between a land of magic and a land of wealth. In the jungle there was a burst of blue flames, the flame to be conjured out of thin air while burning nothing as if they were a cold flame. The flames were as big as a small campfire burning calm and cool, animals that inhabit the local area were entranced by the small blue flame dancing slightly about the ground, but then a bright white grew in the center of the flame growing ever so slightly over time. Then the flames burst turning the blue flames to a solid white, then a calmed once more. The unthinkable happened next, the flames began to move slowly forming a shape. First the flames took the shape of a deer near the flame, the second shape it took was of a small rabbit, the flame kept this shape for now but wondered off until it saw a man wondering through the forest. The flame approached the man and stared at him, the man notice the little flame and stared back with a sadden look on his face as if he had lost something, noticing the mans stare the flame took the shape of him and found the man in shock. The flame shaping its form to a humanoid form, when it took the form of a man it had changed and made a his own look with short black hair, thin eyebrows and eye as black as the darkest abyss, and a have build for a man looking like he was in his 20s. the flame added one last thing for himself a simple black shirt and pants, and thus the flame was born into a man. The flame asked the man why he was sad, the man simple replied “What are you and how can you see?” the flame was confused by the man had asked that, but then the man said “I am sad because my life has ended but i can not move on to the next life…” The flame then realized the man was nothing more than a spirit. The flame then asked “Do you know why you can not move on to the next life? Is there any way I can help?” the man shocked by the questions and smiled at the good will of the flame and told him “I was never able to have a son of my own and sad that my lineage would end with me, as for what you could do, I am afraid there is nothing you could to help…” then as the last words came out the flame spoke “If you give me a name I’ll be your son and live life to the fullest and pass on your lineage!” The man was left speech and felt a great amount of joy and nodded, then he spoke the name of the flames new name “Emon Dark, Son of Lavoko Dark, Grandson of Jaraka Dark, I here by say you are my son and knowing i have met my son and knowing that he has such a kind soul makes this man joyful, go Emon and live life to the fullest…” as he was speaking his last words the man slowly vanished from this world, the man saw the Emon smiling and crying as he was seeing his father go, the father began to cry as well as he vanished. Emon then burned his named into his memory to never forget it, then began to wonder away.
Emon wondered the jungle until he could find his way out, he wondered for day until he found a trail in the jungle. He didn’t know where it lead but decided to follow it hoping it would lead to a way out of the jungle and find more people. Emon started walking east on the trail for a while then stumbled across some rugged looking men not knowing who they were he approached them and tried asking them where he was but before he could get close enough the men pulled out their swords aiming them towards Emon. Emon stopped in his tracks and asked “Hello, travelers can I ask where I am.” The biggest of the men spoke first “Oi, fool this is a toll road anyone who comes through has to pay a toll, Now where is our payment!!” Emon had no idea what to say to them but “I’m sorry i didn’t know this was a toll road, but I don’t have anything to give you and I’m not willing to part with my close either.” the men started to approach him slowly “So I’ll just walk along the trail so I don’t have to pay you anything.” The big man spoke again “That ain’t how things work fool, The toll rules go by as such if we see you, you pay us with anything on hand and if you don’t make a payment…Well lets just say we will send you to the next life.” Emon realized what they meant and was about to run but something in him told him to stay on this trail, before Emon noticed one of the men started to charge at him. Emon stood there not knowing what to do, as the man was about to attack him a blue flame raised from his feet knocking the man back and engulfing Emon. The men scared to know that they might of challenged the wrong man, as that thought crossed their minds they noticed a man walk out of the flames, but this man didn’t look like the one from before. The being who walked out had hair made of blue flames while having blue tipped horns on his forehead but the face of man had pitch black skin with solid blue eyes. The men were scared stiff, but there eyes never left this monster’s. The being slowly raised a hand toward the man who tried to attack him and opened his hand to show to a completely blue hand with cracks running up his forearm, in the cracks were the same blue color on his hand, as if the flames burnt his entire body. Then come a flame that shot out from the Being burning the man to ashens, the men watched as their comrade had been killed, but what scared them more was the being standing there not moving, then they heard it. The being because to chuckle in a daunting tone as if there were several of voices in his own, then the chuckle grew louder to the point where he was laughing at them as if they were lesser beings. The being turned his gaze toward the last of them and said " You thought animals like you could stand against a being such as me, DE THE BLUE FLAME!! YOU FILTH COULDN’T STAND UP TO A MOUSE!!" De started to laugh again then suddenly stopped “If you want to live I suggest you take me and the other guy to the closet town other wise…Well lets just say you we will send you to the next life.” De smiled and laughed at them, as he was laugh the blue flames engulfed him once more and as they were dying down De spoke the last few words “I’ll be watching you…” as those words came to be the flames died down and Emon came out in a daze not sure what had happen he asked the men “what happened to your friend?” the men just sat there and said “h-he left t-t-to go get you ready to head towards the Niffan Empire and w-w-w-w-we will guide you there as well.” the men started to treated him as De told them to, and such they took Emon too the Niffan Empire that is where our Little Flame arrived.

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Sorry if it’s too late to sign up

Name: Izzy

Experience with Tabletop RPGs: couple sessions in PTU, 1 year in DnD 5e

Character Name: Loira Silverlien

Archetype: silver tongue Enchantress/Sage

Character Background: Born into the Silverlien bloodline one of the head families of the Moon Goddess church. As customs when pregnant the mother must undergo a ceremony which her belly is then marked by the Moon Goddess crescent, this tradition is to believe to have the Moon Goddess bless their baby with the spirit of the moon, as such Loira’s mother underwent this tradition as her and her 2 other sisters were born. When they became children they all began their studies on the Goddess, their families culture, fine arts, and the arcane if they ever so chose it. Loira found herself a liking to magic thus allowing her to bless, heal the fellow church followers allowing her an apprenticeship with the pale maidens of the church. Alas her knowledge led her to know more interesting magic those of the hexes and the like as such growing up she loved to pray pranks and either pin it on someone else or talk her way out of it. When she was 20 one of the pale maidens found out of her little antics and hexes seeing it as heresy and brought it up with her parents wishing not to bring this up with the church council the have decided to withhold from using magic. wishing not stop what she loved she convinced her personal nurse to sneak her out, falling from the grace of her church her family, and possible her goddess who she looked up to she makes a living of off “entertaining” and basic ailments that people have.

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it’s not too late. I’m still waiting on my players to finish their current adventure.

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Name: Anthony

Experience with Tabletop RPGs: About 9 years of D&D both playing and DMing, I have played about 3 months of OL both DMing and playing.

Character Name: Alastor Sykes

Archetype: Spirit Knight - Human

Character Background: Alastor is from a family line of priest who works in expelling spirits from the world, while his siblings were gifted he was not. His father thought he was simply untouched, the bloodline has just yet to awaken due to the lack of contact with the spiritual realm to stimulate his psychic power. After preparations were made and put to the test Alastors latent power did surface but instead of repelling the spirit he simply absorbed its power sending it to oblivion. In fear of the repercussions of what this power could do he was sealed away into a temple to become a scholar and have him exposed to minimal contact with spirits. After long years studying on his 26th birthday, he was given the reward of picking one book to start his own specialization of studies. After spending the better part of 3 days searching the shelves and piles of books he made his way into the back of the library and found a pedestal with 3 books laid neatly on it in a row. When he approached the pedestal he felt the faint buzz of power that he remembered from all those years ago when his father awoken him to his power and from the books three masks rose. Each gave a simple line of questioning but only one stood out to Alastor, a mask with a musical note on its right half and golden work on the left half. The masked asked him a single question

“Do you wish to hear beautiful music?”

Memories of his late mother and eldest brother streamed through his mind as the times he spent with them and the joys it brought when they played their instruments both sadden and warmed his heart. Before he knew it the mask was in his hand and he heard a melodic voice in his head

“Dear spirit knight I give you my power as you will give me a home”

And with that, the mask was on his face and a soft glow of pale green covered him before the mask disappeared. He gained the power all artist and creative souls sought after, he could make anything from his will.

“I am Muse, I will protect you and we will make masterpieces together”

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Hello, I fear I am super late and missed the chance but if you are still looking for a player than:
Name: Bram C.
Experience: I have been playing tabletops for a good while now, D&D 2nd Ed., 4th Ed.(I found it enjoyable unlike lots of people apparently), and 5th Ed. I also love Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu, most recently I have been playing lots of Savage Worlds and I have some experience with Open Legends.
Character Name: Crow Fessen
Archetype: Ranger
Character Background:
Family & Early Life:
Crow was born to a strange family. His mother was a very religious Pagan who was superstitious and thus named her son after the image of her goddess; his father was a man of few words. When he did speak it was always a tale, a memory, the past. His father lived in the past and Crow was not much of a fan. Thanks to his mother however he spent much of his time outside learning of Pagan worship. He wasn’t much for religion however he did spend his time watching nature, developing his piercing eyes. He did take on his mother’s knack for healing and even started learning how to make poisons in his early adulthood.
Living on his Own:
When Crow turned 15 he was sent by his mother to a small village nearby to help their medicine man with an outbreak of some disease. When he returned to his home town he found it wrecked. There were lots of survivors, his father included. However his mother was gone. Crow was told by his neighbours that his mother was not killed but taken for her abilities. Crow started to resent his father who was unable to help his mother in his absence. He left the town and set out to hone his abilities and he hopes to one day find his mother and save her.
Friends and Foes:
Crow has allied himself with many men and women of nature, having met several druids and other rangers. He has tried to learn what he can from everyone he meets in the wild.

He has done what he needs to in order to survive which means sometimes he takes on jobs. Only once has a job not really sat right with Crow, he was paid to protect a sleazy man as he traveled. Crow started out uneasy but willing although along the way he came to realize the man was dishonest. Not one to take kindly to this type of person Crow left the job. Being an honest man he fired a note attached to an arrow to inform the man he was dropping the job. Ever since, he has known that he will not be allowed in the town the man rules over.(Note to be specified if I am able to join the game)

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