[6/6] OL Playtest (Mass Scale Battle and Space Combat)

Hello, everyone! I’m looking to run an Open Legend playtest this Tuesday 8th of August at 20:00 GMT -4.

This playtest be will focused intensely on testing mechanics and scenenarios rather than narrative, as such there will no “plot” and a minimal setting (RPing your characters is still encouraged).
You would bring a level 3 character from any setting that you would like to test or see play out for the first half of the session. Then we would proceed to an space setting with pregen vehicles for you to use during the second half.

Some of the mechanics i’ll test are experimental and definitively not RAW, so keep an open mind with some of the stuff you might come across.

Reply this post to applicate and i’ll PM if you are selected. Players with little system experience are welcome :slight_smile:

EDIT: Due to lack of players this playtest has been postponed, new date is to be determined at the time of this edit. People interested may still apply in the meantime.

the time and theme work perfectly for me

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hay i am in i am skys friend

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ok, I’ll join the test!!

A New Challenger Has Appeared!

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I’d love to play, the only limiting factor might be my time zone being CEST (GMT+2 i think).

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