5e level conversion

So there is a 5e to OL class conversion guide, but is there anywhere a recommended class LEVEL conversion guide? For example if I have a 5th level 5e adventure that I want to convert to OL, what level should I tell my players to build their characters?

Unless it has been updated recently, that conversion guide is outdated, for The rules that it uses are not the final copy of the rules that went to print.

SOmeone correct me if I am wrong.:grin:

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I think your best bet is that if it’s a 5th lvl adventure, make 5th lvl characters for OL. the best part is that you should be able to tailor the NPC’s on the fly if it’s too hard or too easy

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Purely from gut feeling, I’d say level 5 in D&D is more like level 3 in Open Legend. The power ceiling of OL abilities is lower (level 9 banes and boons aren’t as ridiculous as the spells you can get at level 20) but basic attacks in OL quickly become ridiculous with increasing advantage and the potential of multi-targeting, and level 1 in OL is more powerful than level 1 in D&D; it’s kind of hard to do a direct scale. It’s also worth remembering that a PC has “leveled up” 6 times by the time they hit level 3, because you get a boost every xp rather than restricting them to levels.

Mostly, I’d say just go for what feels right to you. If your characters need access to PL7 effects maybe make them level 5, if PL6 effects seem just a bit out of their current reach maybe start them a level 2 + 2 xp. And yes @Crazy_Weasel is correct, that guide is outdated; there’s usually multiple ways to achieve similar effects in OL though so I’m sure you can figure out some options. Be sure to come back and ask if you need help with the transfer again.

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