[4/6 Roll20/discord LFG] Fantasy Game in the Sky

Hi Intrepid adventurers, I am looking for a group of players to play in my game world that I’m writing that takes place among a series of islands in the clouds :exploding_head: It’s high fantasy but instead of generic magic it utilizes a alchemical system of essences I’m working on and their interactions such as combining aguas(water), aeria(air), and perdatio(chaos) to create ventus(storm) which would then shoot lightning at the desired object, however the system is not finished and is sure to be impacted in character creation and world building as I fall into my habit of improving. But in simpler terms as this tangent is probably going on to long its a magic world with a bit more science in how they use it through the alchemical system.

Applying: something similar to the below form and you don’t need to go to in depth for character there will be a session where we work on creating characters, just an idea of general backstory, style you want to play would be nice.

Name: Caden

Roleplaying experience: I have been playing roleplaying games for 5 years got into d&d and Dungeon mastering

about 2 years ago and am relatively new in playing this system though I have been watching it for a while

Time of availability: please put in MST(Mountain standard zone) currently I’m pretty flexible though that might change when school starts

Player type or just interesting fact:

About me
I should mention that I am 14 if you feel uncomfortable having a young dungeon master don’t apply. I am a very outgoing person who loves tabletop rpgs, action and adventures but also the hilarious moments and shenigans that go on in roleplaying. Its great to see a world i created being interacted with and the great stories that are created in it. Game times well probably be around 4 hours but I’m flexible to what the players want and general needs such as changing schedule and such I plan to host a character creating session about half a week to a week after I get enough people for the campaign if you have any questions fell free to ask!


Name Daniel

Rolepleying experiance about 5 years started with 5e and then moved onto shadowrun and open legend I am actually designing a campaine and mini system on my own for it

Times available: in about three hour ahead of you but right now am free anytimewhen school starts I should available any time after noon mountain standard

Player type: I’m really up for any role though I prefer to play offensive roles and like to come up with unique battle strategies and traps I think will work well with the system you are trying to make

About me: I am 16 and am looking to get into a long term campaine, im in an open legend discord server but that’s about it, I am interested in programming and as said above am trying to create my own campaine but would like some more experiance playing first. im also a boy scout and an trying to make eagal scout. That’s all I can think of right now but I would love to play in and help you develop the system you are working on

Hello I would like to talk about this campaign… do you have a discord we could talk on

Name: Kristian

Role-playing experience: I have very little experience other than a few one-offs with my friends in Deck Quest. I have a Roll20 account but I’m still not 100% familiar with it, so please be patient with me.

Time of availability: Typically I’m available between 8 PM MST to 12 AM MST on any given day. I’m available other times of day but it varies on when I’m scheduled for work/school.

Player type: I can’t really speak for my time in tabletop RPGs but in other cooperative games I typically go for support roles or DPS roles.

About me: I’m a 23 year old college student. I’ve been trying to get my friends to try out this system but trying to schedule something is nearly impossible. The concept for this campaign especially intrigues me.

Name: Jon M. (Radimay)

Role-playing experience: I have a lot experience has a GM for DnD 5e for 3 years, mostly homebrews, and I have played fate core for the last 2 years

Time of availability: Normally I am available from 12pm to 10 pm. on weekends (est.) If I were to play on weekdays then it would have to be 6 p.m. to 9-ish.

Player type: I tend to be Player that takes the laziest route first. Whether it be by sneaking around or summing a magic cloud to float me to safety. I enjoy playing magical tanks. I know its odd, but its fun.

About me: I’m a 24 year video editor, graphic design, editor, and more. I am easy guy to get along with though admittedly I am not the brightest and tend to be very straightforward. I’ve been wanting to play with people consistently for a while since whatever group I seem to be with seem to break at the first signs of real life problems.

Great we have enough people to get started so after reading through everyone’s time of availability If no one has any problems well host a character creation session Saturday at around 8:05pm to 9pm mst message me if I got time conversions wrong or otherwise messed up schedule. other wise ill se you on Saturday on this https://discord.gg/Xn28ryC server to create characters!

yo im the guy who joined ur server and just wanted to give u a heads up on that

Hello I’m Alex (M, 24) looking to join if still slots?
Timezone: EST
Language: English
Format: Any works
Availibility: really depends, mostly weekends, but some week time after 7pm as well.
Experience: I have played roleplay games for 6 months over discord in the past, pretty heavily, and played video games for over almost 2 decades and had interest in roleplay for a long time.

Character Idea: I have a bunch, but for this game, a Shaper, specifically a game called Geneforge, a chatacter who uses his magical power, ingredients and such to create creatures and living tools to fix his problems, think powerpuff girls a little lol.

Ahh sorry the campaign for the time being is closed due to my personal life and school getting much more packed.