[4/4 Closed] Friday 8pm EST, Bi weekly Sci Fi Game

Game Information

Hey Everyone,

I’m Magicheddar, the GM of this game. I’m looking for two, maybe three more players for a Sci Fi campaign. It would be held every other week starting Friday the 16th of February at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. The campaign will be on roll 20 and we will use discord for voice chat.

The current party consists of an Alteration mage and Hacker. I hope to have the session be 50% serious, 50% silly, and 100% just having fun.

I want to try and put something that each player wants to see in each setting. So I’ll be asking for a trope or idea that you might find fun. Examples would be a derelict freighter, fighting in zero gravity, or negotiating with a race of sentient watermelons.

If you are interested you can comment below or send me a pm either here or on discord. My discord ID is Magicheddar#5092.

Following this is the introduction that I wrote to set the stage for the campaign.
Thanks for reading, and I hope to see some of you soon.

World Introduction and Background

In another universe, in another time, the races or men and mer have escaped the bounds of the earth and have taken to the stars. They found them to be full of life, wonder, and adventure. Countless species from countless worlds began to mix and mingle. Science and technology advanced generations, magic was discovered and is being used by many, and it seemed that this small galaxy in this small world was entering a golden age unrivaled by any that came before.

But in the space between the stars and beyond the arms of the galaxy there was a darkness gathering that would rival the light. From the darkness beyond, an alien war machine has begun to savage the outer rim leaving nothing in their wake but dead worlds and lost hope. From the darkness within, an organization guarded by politics and fueled by progress seeks to shape the galaxy for their own. From the darkness that is everywhere and nowhere, demons and cultists conspire to bring ruin upon all.

When the darkness came, the golden age ended but it would not go quietly into that dark night. A galactic military force formed to keep the peace and to defend the waning light. The lost and downtrodden peoples formed together to fight against the terrors from beyond. Then of course there is you.

You are a member of the Universal Space Marshals, a small independent branch of the Galactic Military Police. The US Marshals are the sheriffs of the galaxy and the gatekeepers between the forces of evil and the citizens of good. You have been assigned to the starship Destiny Rose captained by Anderson Kane. Your ship is a reconnaissance vessel for the GMP but you and your team, under the guidance of your handler Icora, are the hand of the Marshals. It is doubtless that the Destiny Rose will find the destitute and the needy. It is doubtless that you will find the corrupted and the criminal. It is your charge to do what can.

The Destiny Rose has set its course for the outer systems and already you are being called upon. An agent of the Mages Guild has reached out and are looking to trade information for a job. The Rose is docking at the Rift Space Hub in the Jakka Sector and your first task is at hand.