[3/4 LFM Discord] DM looking for roleplay loving players. New and experienced players welcome!

Looking for any passionate individuals who love to RP. Discord is required to play, however, you are NOT required to have a mic to do so. Time availability will be based off of ET (Eastern Time)(GMT-5). Please keep this in mind if you are not located within this time zone.
Availability for RP is any late afternoon, evening, or weekend and/or weekday. Session length is typically 3-4 hours depending on player availabilities. Longer, if players are interested or if availability allows.

Currently, Genre is flexible, meaning the campaign could be sifi, cyberpunk, high fantasy, ect. It will simply be based off of the preference of my players, but I currently have worlds that fit almost any genre imaginable. Mainly, I am looking for dedicated RPers who have a strong desire to roleplay regardless of Genre. I typically run games that are 30-40% combat, and 60-70% Indepth roleplay. I prefer smaller groups of players, as this allows me to include more personable interactions with players overall. Which I prefer.

That said, I am looking to run a new type of campaign should enough players be found who are interested in playing it. This campaign will take place in the 21st century. Players will be from ‘our world’ but an event will cause them to awaken within a high fantasy world known as ‘Ultara’ The only surviving aspects of themselves they will have are their previous memories from their lives within the 21st century, and whatever their gender was before in the 21st century. Their race, physical strength, agility (or lack their of) ect. will be completely different, dictated only by that which exists within the world of Ultara.
With no knowledge of the world around them, players will need to learn how to survive and adapted to this new and frightening world before them.

Ideal players will have a strong desire for indepth roleplay and be interested in experiencing a vast array of worlds and adventures.
A basic understanding of the English language is required.

Additional Information: Players must be at least 18+ in order to play. Reason being that at times, the roleplay can get exceptionally dark (I.E. Bloody, gory, gruesome, grotesque creatures or NPCs, dark themed villains, torture, ect). This also eliminates potential conflict with parents or legal guardians who may not approve of roleplay in general.

Thanks in advance! ~Odoviir Iron-Scales

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