[3/3 Currently Full RoleGate] GM looking for players

I’ve made a pretty cool world I’d like some folks to explore it!

The great king Ragnor has died without a successor and thus with his death chaos reigns throughout the lands. In the once regal King’s court a power vacuum has created a stalemate between the political factions. Goblins and orcs, who were once kept in check by the mighty royal armies, now roam the countryside pillaging and burning as they go. And from the north come rumors of dark happenings as a the steward there attempts to vanquish death itself.

In this sandbox adventure you can travel the land aiding those who ask for your help, or choose one of the many factions in the court to fight for the throne. Will an new ruler be named? Will peace come to the land? It is up to you, adventurer!

I will be on RoleGate most PST (GMT -8) evenings; however, the cool thing about RoleGate is you can post whenever you want!


Is this play by post?

Rolegate is kind of a hybrid but, broad-strokes, it’s play by post.

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