2021 May Status

VTT Content

The release of the first art pack from Loremasters, LLC has been delayed, but is currently in the store as “Draft” status, and will be fully released this coming week (most likely Monday pending a few updates to the store). As soon as it goes live, I will release a code to “all PDF stretch goals” backers in BackerKit to get 50% off this product if you would like to purchase it for use in VTT.

It includes 5 Battle Maps for each of the major areas of interest in Massacre at Writhing Ridge, 13 tokens (one with a variant submerged option for 14 total), and 1 Regional Map (with a Player facing and GM facing variant, as well as with and without hex grid).

Releasing in June

A few hiccups have delayed The Endless Dream, but the first layout is just about complete. This should be released by the first 2 weeks of June. When this is finished I will push it out on BackerKit, so most likely backers will be getting 2 updates in June with the art pack discount code and the PDF.

It is highly likely that Loremasters will be releasing another module on Roll20 at the end of June, and with it will be another art pack that will show up on the store. Once Mind in Flight is released, Loremasters plans to start converting The Endless Dream for VTT as well.

PDF Adventure Stretch Goals

Quarter 3 or 4

Editing has not started on Fields of Harnerton yet. As this is a longer adventure, I will be seeking out artwork for it as well, which may require some extra time depending on finding the right fit to the theme as well as availability of artists.

  • Fields of Harnerton (Full Length Medieval Horror Adventure set in Schlectenberg)
  • The Bad Deal (Schlectenberg Short Story)

Thank you

I look forward to hearing about all the adventures people go on using the Open Legend RPG system, and am excited for the future. Please continue to send out word of mouth about the system to others. The projects getting ready to be released soon should help provide more content, and the community continues to grow. Fresh perspectives can only help!


Your Open Legend Caretaker,

Jonathan aka Great Moustache