2021 March Status

Apologize on this not posting until April. A Perfect storm of not feeling well, and migraine resulted in me not being able to post this in a satisfactory format, so I delayed until now.

There has been a lot going on in the background for awhile now that I have been waiting to mention, and some of has resulted in The Endless Dream being delayed a bit more than I would have liked. Everything is progressing along though, and more content is coming for Open Legend RPG.

Partnership and VTT Content

Seventh Sphere, LLC is now working with Loremasters, LLC. Loremasters has been creating content on Roll20 successfully for some time now, and they will be converting modules to be play ready on Roll20. This not only means maps, but also tokens. Initially the focus will be Roll20, but this may extend to other VTT providers in the future. Additionally, the various maps and tokens created specifically for Roll20 will be made available so you can import them into other VTT programs of your liking. These packs will be made available on the store.

The first module to be converted will be Massacre at Writhing Ridge. Future products will be made alongside, which will have the added benefit of extended playtesting to make sure the modules are running smoothly, and as intended.

As modules are getting ready for release, they will be announced. There are no set dates yet for release.

New Character Sheet

In an effort to get a different perspective, I sought out someone for a character sheet design. My main goal was to see what ideas someone that hasn’t been as close to Open Legend RPG would come up with design wise. These sheets are more focused to a Sci-Fi theme.

I will be converting them to form-fillable PDFs and releasing them soon, but here are the images for preview. These sheets were designed by Francita ( @byfrancita on twitter, byfrancita.com ).

Open Legend RPG Sci-fi Character Sheet

Open Legend RPG Sci-fi Straight Character Sheet

Future Product

A brand new adventure for Worldhoppers, focusing on T.R.A.S.H. P.A.N.D.A.S., is coming soon. More information will be provided as things get rounded out. Original Kickstarter and Backerkit backers will be provided with a discount code for this adventure as a thank you for your patience as the stretch goals are rolled out.

PDF Adventure Stretch Goals


  • The Endless Dream (House Rhuviel Intro Adventure)

  • The Waking Dream (House Rhuviel Short Story)

Quarter 2 (Maybe Quarter 3 depending on artwork)

  • Fields of Harnerton (Full Length Medieval Horror Adventure set in Schlectenberg)

  • The Bad Deal (Schlectenberg Short Story)

Other Stretch Goals

GM Screens

No real change on plans with this. Quarter 2 should have a finalized layout in PDF format. From there it just depends on where funds are.

Advanced Mechanics

Social Intrigue & Mass Combat will begin after Fields of Harnerton is in the process of wrapping up.


Still at the bottom of the list, so as I remember them and have time for them. There are a lot of images I need to properly sort to identify artists and usage rights.

Thank you

I look forward to hearing about all the adventures people go on using the Open Legend RPG system, and am excited for the future. Please continue to send out word of mouth about the system to others. The projects getting ready to be released soon should help provide more content, and the community continues to grow. Fresh perspectives can only help!


Your Open Legend Caretaker,

Jonathan aka Great Moustache


Really liking the sci-fi look for the character sheets! Helps give a completely different vibe :slight_smile:

@Great_Moustache Small question on the VTT work, is there any plans to add OL into the Roll20 Compendium?

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The last I checked on this, it wasn’t an easy thing to get yourself a compendium. Admittedly, it has been some time since I checked, but at the time it was just up to Roll20 and not just something you could do yourself. Hence why it was big name (DnD, pathfinder) that had it.

When it was first coming out, I looked into it, b/c I planned to do it then (before I took over Seventh Sphere, but back when I was working on the sheet independently). It just wasn’t available for smaller TTRPG to be done though.

They opened it up to people making new ones back end of 2016, see: Building Compendiums - Roll20 Wiki

hopefully that helps, afaik it just needs someone to contact them about being made the editor for it and to start plugging it all in

yeah, that’s how it was when I looked, and it wasn’t easy to get in on the list at the time back then. That part may have changed, last time I was looking to do it was … 2018, maybe 2019.

Key line was “for available OGL systems” at the time, and when I asked, basically was told to wait. The problem is no clear indication on how to become a “voluneteership” or whatever term they were using. I’m still not seeing any references on how to become an editor or to apply, etc, but it is late, and I only did a very small amount of searching.

It isn’t something on the radar at present for me to pursue. No time line in my head either for it. If someone wants to go for it, I wouldn’t stop them, and I was working on v2 of the character sheet to already have the various fields to be able to integrate more easily once a compendium was possible, though work on that sheet ended up going off to the side for awhile, and especially once I took over and am managing other things. Once a compendium is up, getting teh character sheet setup to integrate would be important as well, etc. (I’m rambling here, super tired after driving several hours and its late).