2021 February Status

PDF Adventure Stretch Goals

Mid March

  • The Endless Dream (House Rhuviel Intro Adventure)
  • The Waking Dream (House Rhuviel Short Story)

Middle to End of Quarter 2

  • Fields of Harnerton (Full Length Medieval Horror Adventure set in Schlectenberg)
  • The Bad Deal (Schlectenberg Short Story)


Still looking for the right artist(s) and timelines for Fields of Harnerton and The Bad Deal. I’ll be focus more on this after the last of the layout is done for the PDF in mid March.

Other Stretch Goals

Currently no real changes from what was posted last. The GM Screens look like I might be able to get some things started with printing (that is, layout and talking back and forth, full print run could take longer) by Quarter 2. Depending on how my time is taken up in March, I might get a few layouts done then and send them out to the community to see what they think, but most likely this will be in April.

Open Legend Outside of Stretch Goals

There are a few things in the works not related to the Kickstarter. I should have an official announcement on 1 project, maybe even 2, in March.

Besides having a supported character sheet on Roll20 for years, a community member recently made one for Foundry VTT as well. If you use it, be sure to give some feedback over on the Discord so they can develop and fine tune it some more!

Thank you

I look forward to hearing about all the adventures people go on using the Open Legend RPG system, and am excited for the future. Please continue to send out word of mouth about the system to others. The projects getting ready to be released soon should help provide more content, and the community continues to grow. Fresh perspectives can only help!


Your Open Legend Caretaker,

Jonathan aka Great Moustache