2021 End of the Year

Status of Great Moustache

Strange header, but important in regards to updates. Mid December, my sister and I took my mother to the ER, and shortly after she under went emergency brain surgery to relieve pressure on the brain from a bleed. This has taken up much of my focus for the month, between trading shifts with siblings in ICU to make sure someone is with her at all times, and working on preparing the house for her. Thankful, despite the odds, she was just recently released and is starting rehab, regaining her speech and movement with her right side.

Things will continue to move forward with OL, though my part will be a little slower as I work on things when I’m not exhausted and have free time. This free time will increase as she recovers and needs less assistance.

Stretch Goal Progress

Fields of Harnerton

The layout has started on this, but has been put aside with what has happened to my mom. I’ll be picking it back up in pieces, and should be able to have it done mid January with the BETA/non-art version of the PDF. This version will be available only to backers of the original kickstarter. Once art is gotten and layout finalized, it will be put up on the store.

GM Screens

It is looking very much like I will be able to order the GM Screens either January or early February and get the process started on that. Remember, this is just the printing and shipping to the warehouse, and the time table for that is unknown yet until I actually place the order.

Status of Open Legend RPG

The recently released Every Roll Matters, an Open Legend RPG Zine was well received. I’m glad to see people still interested in the system and hungry for more content. I’m hopeful, even with my family situation, that the first quarter -at most the first half- of the year will see Fields of Harnerton and T.R.A.S.H. P.A.N.D.A.S. released.

Thank You Open Legion

As always, I’m thankful for such a great community. Seeing people interacting in the forums between new people coming in and old returning. I love hearing the stories of games, and the varied questions people have.

Please continue to spread word of mouth so our community can grow and we can see more great additions to the system.


Your Open Legend Caretaker,

Jonathan aka Great Moustache