2 Players Looking for Campaign Eastern Standard Time

We are both available on weekdays after 7 PM and on Saturdays. Voice communication is a must.

I’m brand new to Open Legend and my friend has only been in one campaign so far. We have read through the rules and made mock characters but we want to actually play instead of day dreaming about it. Would definitely prefer a smaller group, maybe seven or eight players max.

We’re fine with joining a group or making a new group with strangers. If we are making a new group then we already have a discord setup with private voice channels to talk in.

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I am also from Estonia and am interested in playing this game. Add me on skype or contact me on discord through the openlegend server if you want to discuss further.

Skype: ruuts1
Discord: RuTsEST


In this case, EST probably stands for Eastern Time Zone in America, BUT, it could be Estonia.

@Dard if you could clarify

@RuTs I indeed meant Eastern Standard Time as in the East Coast of North America.

I would also be interested in playing in this game. (I am in Eastern Standard Time) I also have some decent experience with Open Legend (I’m running a campaign of my own right now and have played a few sessions in a couple of others) If you want to discuss further my Discord is seasand #2564.

Interested to join, but I can only go from 9pm onwards EST.