[2-4 LFG] Mixed-genre collaborative worldbuilding living campain

The unified world stitched together by an unknown force out of the shards of the multiverse collapsing.

This is the world you will be in, a world divided in 4 main Factions that are in a cold war with one-another:

  1. Amaristes, a cyberpunk society trying to find new ressources to power their machines. They are separated in two separate levels, the upper being inhabited by weapon and arms manifacturer, politicians and inventors and the lower being composed by the common folk. They develop special anti-magic techology to counter the fantastic power of spellcaster.
    Imagery: upper level: More sci-fi, clean and organised
    lower level: Alita battle angel-like square-y and used technology

  2. Caterinia, a magocracy where magic is taught in schools and is highly regulated. They tend to live simpler lives, having no use for electricity or other such technologies.
    Imagery: A basic high fantasy scenery

  3. Sureqtie, the protectors of the new world, some clans are nomads and some have permanent settlements built in harmony with nature. They swore to protect Enopimen, chasing unnatural creatures that made it trought the merging. They mostly keep themselves hidden from the rest of the world.
    Imagery: asian imagery , mongol/arab/chinese/japanese inspired depending on the clan

  4. Anexártis, a society of people that use every advantage they can get to re-build civilisation, they differentiate themselves in the fact that they use all kind of inventions if it betters their life, no matter which faction spawned it.
    Imagery: A multicultural, technologicaly diverse society where people will cast magic, use phones and have cyber-enhancements without people batting an eye

Those main factions naturally have more to them than that but you get the jist of it.
The world is a WIP and is built with player input in mind and is shared with the other campains that i run in it. ( There is a calendar that is updated every game, events that impact other campains etc…)

The genesis of this setting was to show how diverse and complete Open Legend is and how much it allows you to do and to showcase the posibilities it offers, so, any character you can think of is okay, go wild !

Now for the actual important info:
Games are played preferably on weekends, Sunday from +/- 18h to +/- 24h CET (GMT +2) but time and day may vary depending on your preferences.
I’m looking for 2 to 4 players to play with and run a campain from level 1 to 10. We would play on Tabletop simulator + heromuster.

If you are interested, drop a message below or contact me on discord " Takumi | GMT+2#0132 "
also pardon my lack of clarity and my bad grammar/synthax it’s late ><’

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