[1 Player: Me LFG] Filipino weekend night One Shot

Looking to expand my horizons and better myself as a GM and also train my social skills.
So now I’m thinking of trying to be a player and find any group. I have no standards, I’m okay with pretty much anyone… But… Here’s some expected things or something…

Time Zone
I live in the Philippines in Luzon somewhere close to Manila. I believe my time zone would be called Manila Time Zone or something but here’s numbers google told me:
Time zone in Dasmariñas, Cavite (GMT+8)

Preferred Languages
English would be very preferred but Filipino Tagalog works too.

Method of Play
Any online mode of play is okay honestly. If you’re interested in playing a game with me, tell me in the reply what mode of play we’ll be playing in.
I have some experience with Roll20 but I mostly 99% of the time play offline.
Roll20, Facebook Group Chat, and Discord are the methods I would prefer. Something that requires no payment and is easy to start and easily accessible. I’d prefer voice chatting if possible, camera or no camera is fine either way for me. But since I know not a lot of people here are awake the same time as I am, a simple post by post style thread is fine by me too.

Game Schedule
I cleared my schedule and made absolutely sure that I have free time on Saturday (9/5/2020) of this week and Sunday (9/6/2020) of next week (GMT time of course)
Due to unexpected circumstances I have an Open Legend game session running on Saturday but it will not conflict with the time, but it does mean I’ll be playing on GM mode before our game begins if we go Saturday.
The game can begin somewhere around 20:00 to 21:00 and I want the session length to be less than or equal to 1 hour. However like I said, an exact time of play and even length might be impossible with the massive time zone conflict. Just Saturday or Sunday night.
My free time during either of days lasts only 2 hours. 20:00 ~ 22:00.
If need be though it is against me I can be a night owl just for the weekend and stay until 23:00, giving me 3 hours of free time.

What kind of player am I?
I guess I should inform anyone reading this about myself so you can judge whether or not you wanna play with me. In terms of my expectations of who I’ll be playing with. I’m okay with anyone. Absolute beginner or Seasoned OSR veteran. I’m cool.
I’ve been playing Open Legend for as long as I think I’ve known about TTRPG’s. However I have never been a player before in my life. Rules wise I’m so confident of my game mastery I can probably describe to you a Feat description word for word if you asked me on the spot.
However I’m a grade A introvert and have a severe lack of interpersonal skills. Like I have the Socially Awkward flaw, I’m Socially Awkward and suffer from Social Anxiety somewhat with insecurities. I’m also a really bad talker, expect me to cut my words abruptly, say uhh and umm, and stay silent for a few rounds… A lot. But you have no responsibility to deal with any of that stuff and it’s not that bad once I become comfortable. Playing TTRPG games has been my way of improving my interpersonal skills… Sorry.
In my own personal long running group of 1 player and me the GM, we play Mondays through Fridays. 1 hour and 30 minute long sessions lasting from 17:00 ~ 18:30. We only miss game 1 in every 100 games. Games are always casual, with 50 minutes of the total game being casual non game related talk most of the time.

Game Expectations
You don’t have to meet this expectation but if possible this is the type of game I like playing.
In terms of Genre I’m okay with anything, In terms of Setting. Go nuts. (But I’m used to running lighthearted grimdark comedy games where we laugh at bloodshed and [redacted] scenes) Basically anything unrelated to rules is fine, what I really care for would be the rules. For the game I only expect there to be these rules:
I want to play a vanilla game of Open Legend with absolutely zero homebrew involved.
If homebrew is gonna be a thing, inform me on session 0 I guess.
Oh, and yeah, don’t plop me in the middle of an already running camaign. I asked for a one shot in the title after all.

Session 0 right here
With time being so strict session 0 has to begin before Saturday/Sunday.
Anyone interested playing with me leave a reply of how we will play and what is expected of me Game wise, and any game rules I should be aware of. Social wise can be handled when the game starts hopefully (such as what words are allowed and what kind of behavior is discouraged.)
Like my character, what am I allowed to play? Humans? Elves? Aliens? What level? Preferrably level 3 or lower so things are nice and simple.

i might be interested in joining!

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That’s great to hear!
I kinda gave up after the first week of posting. I guess I just had to wait longer, hah! I think I’m still free for tomorrow’s Saturday and the coming Sunday…

You still have to answer the expectations for me.
If you don’t care about the character or want to run a real session 0 then I don’t care.

What is really important that I need to know is how and where we will meet up.
roll20? Some other thing? Preferrably something free.
There are some virtual tabletops that cost money, but I most likely don’t own them and won’t be able to purchase them. Please understand.

Thanks. I look forward to the game.