1 player lfg (wed/thur/fri/sun @5-7pm. GMT-5:00)

Im experienced in dnd5e, shadowrun, numinera, age, fage. i love the idea of this game and have already done a good amount of study into it. role20 or fantasy grounds idc but im better in roll20. Im dying to play this game and can only play on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, and sundays with a game starting at 5-7:30 ish. idc. I dont really know where to start so i figured i would start here.



I have been looking for another player on our game. It is on Sundays Typically 3-7 ADT. The campaign is a Very Dark fantasy game similar to that of Diablo. It also has some original idea by myself and we use Roll 20 and Discord for chatting. The plays i have are all friends of mine in real life. Also some sundays may have a time change but will depend on players and if they can show. If interested just let me know and we can chat it over and talk about character ideas.

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That sounds awesome how do I get in touch?

Hey is it possible for me to join as well i have been looking for a game to play as well
and the time works for me perfectly

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