[1 Player LFG] Vrrginia, USA

Hi all!

[1 Player LFG] EST/EDT - English only

I can use Roll20, Discord, D20 Pro, Fantasy Grounds, and others.

I can play anytime between about 10 AM to about 2 PM, and from about 2 PM to about 7 PM weekdays. Prefer not to play on Wednesday,s or Sundays because that when the local groups plays something.

I’ve been involved in the hobby since the “Little White Box” of Original D&D. I currently am =very= fond of GURPS, and use both 3.5 and Pathfinder in campaigns currently.

First, I would like to find someone who is already familiar with Open Legend and can help me learn how to play and, more importantly, GM, this game. Just discovered this today (Sunday, Sept 10, 2017) and have downloaded the open source material, but haven’t had time to look at it yet. Anyone is welcome to contact me.


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Bruce, I just ran my first game of OL last night. It was REALLY fun! My players responded well and even the brand new roleplayers engaged quickly. Roleplaying as long as you have, you will pick up on it pretty quickly.

I don’t know if it is appropriate, but… I listened to the Unwanted Campaign on Youtube by some guys known as Chaotic Good. The GM explains the rules as he plays. Read the rulebook first and then watch these vids to see the rules in action!


Thanks for replying - do you have the URL for this?


How is your learning going? Have you tried it out? I am curious your status. :slight_smile: