[1 Player LFG] System Noob for vanilla-ish one shot

Timezone: CET ( Central Europe / UTC + 1)

Languages: Swiss-German, German and English

Format: pretty much down for whatever as long as it includes voice/video chat

Availability: Various Weekends, Wednesday Afternoons, Most evenings (19:00-23:00) that aren’t Tuesdays.

Experience: a little over a year of DnD

My Goals: I want to get a feel for what OL offers, how it feels/plays/works as I would like to do a one shot for my DnD group at some point as a thank you to our DM.

About me: I am here for the sandbox not the improv. I love following the emergent gameplay of our combined actions but I am not good at acting out deep complex interactions. I’m happy to give it a shot every now and then but it’s unlikely you see me doing it without prompting.