1 Player LFG Looking for a group to play with

I am looking for a group to play with online. I am on the east coast and am free to play evenings with the exception of Friday.

I am hoping to find a group to play a fairly standard OL game with. It would be cool to play in a Tolkien-esque world or a sci-fi world. Whatever genre you are looking at playing: please let me know because I really just want to play.

I know that Loremasters runs games from time to time doing playtests that you could potentially jump in on. There site is:


And if you use discord, you could pop in there and look for Lyn

Feel free to join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/QHbtuQ
We play regularly. :slight_smile:
I am Loremasters.LLC on that channel.

I have never been on Discord or been a part of a group like that. What standards of etiquette are there? Or is it just generally Wheaton’s law?

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We have a pretty cool group. Everyone is really respectful which is great cause we have some younger people that play as well. We don’t officially have a Code of Conduct yet but that is probably because the need for one has never yet come up.

I think you’ll do just fine with Wheaton’s Law.

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I am running a thursday night game at 7pm eastern, and have a few player openings.

Feel free to join my discord and message me for details