[1 Player LFG] Long RPG experience, never played "true" D&D or role-playing game session

[Timezone:] (UTC -06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
[Language:] English-only
[Preferred playing formats:] Roll20 w/ Discord or Skype for voice chat
[Availability:] 8:00–11:59 PM is my reliable, “always on” period; sometimes I may stay up later if the game is good enough – some days 10:00 or 11:00 AM up to 3:00 PM in the afternoon may also work but may be subject to changes or interruptions | Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays preferred, other days possible but more frequently time-constrained | Flexible times depending on circumstances – ask me during your session planning
[Playing experience:] Role-playing wise, I have vast experience in written RP’s done with dozens of different people, and am happy to provide examples on request :slight_smile: | My one real flaw here is that I haven’t actually played a session of Open Legend or other tabletop-style RPG before; most of my experience is second-hand from playing RPG-type games like Neverwinter Nights, or watching others play. However, I have more than a dozen years of this experience, and am very confident in my ability to adapt to any game quickly
[Preferred genres/themes:] High Fantasy themes preferred, but I always love a good mix-up of that with Sci-Fi or Steampunk – think Final Fantasy games or the animated series “RWBY” by Rooster Teeth | I am typically more drawn to lighthearted and/or “heroic” story elements than I am excessively realistic or dark ones, or grey morality (though I am okay with the latter in small doses). Essentially, give me “Dragon Age: Origins” before you try bringing me to “The Witcher”.
[Playstyle:] I am a team player. No matter what character I play, you can count on me to not screw everyone else over – at least, not on purpose. I roleplay consistently, as and when it fits the situation. It is an absolute deal-breaker for me to be part of a group that really cares about camaraderie and enjoying the game & story that’s being told, rather than just min-maxing their characters or being one of the dreaded “rules lawyers”. I strive to be an open, accepting, and friendly player who can seamlessly fit with and augment a group.

Have you copy-pasted this across multiple sites? If you’re advertising on the Open Legend forums then you can be pretty sure of what game system you’ll end up playing :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck finding a game!

Ah… heh, I think I forgot that Open Legend had its own game system. I’ll have to edit my post accordingly. Thank you for bringing me up short here, dear moderator! I’ll make sure to study you guys’ rulebooks more in anticipation of playing a game of Open Legend.