[1 Player LFG] Experienced player looking for any group

My names Connor, I’ve played openlegend a few times and DMed once (never doing that again lol) but can never find a group that has the drive to meet more than one session. Usually even as the player i’m the guy trying to get schedules figured out so we know when we can meet. Surprisingly its even worse when I would play with local friends online, I thought it would be easier because they wouldn’t have to leave their house but they tend to just ghost when they don’t feel like playing that week. I figured on here I might find some people that actually wanted to finish a campaign. I’m excited to play in any group, I have read the handbook many times and have tons of premade characters. I’m free anytime on weekends and mon/tue after 3pm (EST). You can contact me either here or on discord (Connor├#1754).

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