[1 Player LFG] Experienced Canadian and Contributor looking to play OL

I speak/type English, I’m not fluent enough in French to actually play a game in it.
EST time zone (Ontario, Canada)
I’m pretty experienced with D&D 5E, Chronicles of Darkness, Vampire the Requiem (and it’s 2E), and familiar with Werewolf - Idigam Chronicles.

I’m a contributor to OL on github and just looking forward to playing the system.
I’m free evenings (5-9 pm) and weekends (aside from 3-12pm Saturday, that’s my VTR game)

Have a good one!

Apologies for bringing this old post back to the top. A weird problem with the interface on the phone version of the site led to me replying here when I meant to reply on a newer post.

Be aware of the date before you continue this thread.