[1 Player LFG - Arizona ] Experienced but new to Open Legend

[ Free on Mon, Wed, Thu Evenings, Online or IRL ]

  • Experienced roleplayer who is new to Open Legend
  • Arizona Timezone
  • English speaker
  • If online (Roll20, Discord, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds) I prefer voice, at least, plus video even better
  • Enjoy fantasy, mixed scifi fantasy, scifi

Hey there Pendrake777

I’m free pretty much all days of the week, Evenings Online.

Inexperienced roleplayer looking for experience [As DM or Player], new to Open Legend


Native English Speaker

Discord: TheTrueAzeltorez#4402 [OL Discord: openlegend ]

Enjoy fantasy [High Fantasy, High Fantasy with Flintlocks]

Hope to hear your reply,


Well then, that’s two people! :slight_smile: If we can manage to get three more including someone who wants to GM, we’ll give it a shot.

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