[1 or 2 Player LFG ] Complete Noob in Greensboro, North Carolina

Complete newbie to RPGs. My girlfriend and I enjoy board games but I’ve started listening to Glass Cannon podcast (Pathfinder) and am interested in trying out an RPG. I literally know nothing - have read the Open Legend rules but will need lots of guidance and patience. I think I’d prefer something in person rather than online, but open to trying anything. I’d be interested in playing about twice a month and am flexible in the evenings.


Hi @DrWitty, welcome to Open Legend! Be sure to ask if there’s anything you need help getting your head around, we have plenty of experienced players and GMs around. Unfortunately we’re quite spread out around the world, so finding in-person groups online can be tricky. Be sure to check out our Discord server too (link at the top of the page), it’s great for chatting and quick answers and there’s a chat channel there listing games that are currently looking for players.

also check out:

It’s a great resource on many levels, and just started a way to connect with other players and GMs on there.

You can also check out the tools that they have for OpenLegend

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Sent you a message with a few tips on how you might find some people :slight_smile: