[0/4 /discord] space adventure

I am thinking of using this game as a kind of play test for a new idea i have where everyone starts with occupations and are working in a facility and they notice something happening so they fight back against the facility using the occupation’s advantages to get through the problem


it would be encouraged to not take an occupation someone else already picked because you’re going to need all of them but you do you

if you do not want a young GM that’s fine but keep in mind i am young and to anyone who reads this you’re free to use the occupation system in other games just please give credit

sessions would be on sundays and please list time available in EST(eastern time)

Is this using voice chat? Is there a more specific time?

first no it will not be voice chat it will be regularly on discord and second i will put a time together based on when people should be available

I see this was posted a year ago, but if you’re ever DMing again i’m willing to play anytime on weekends and mon/tue after 3pm (EST). I have pretty extensive knowledge of openlegend and a bunch of premade characters. Message me on discord if you’re interested (Connor├#1754).