[0/3 Roll20 LFM] Weekly Stream Game

Link to Roll 20LFG Page: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/2626645/legends-of-etora

“Heh you again? You were just here last night Can’t an Old man get a bit of peace and quiet I think I deserve it… ahhh fine. How about this, you go get me a Pint , I’ll fill my pipe and we’ll go from there.”

"Now… you want another story? How about the time I caught a fish the size of you? Told you that one already? Haha well then…Let’s see… ah I know this is one of my best. This tale takes place in another world, a world of magic and machinery; swordsman and sorcerers. Of liars, villains, cheats, even monsters! Most importantly though, this is the tale of some unlikely heroes.”

Welcome to Etora, a world of Fantasy and Progress where on one corner a Tryx Mechanic could be working on his latest invention or performing maintenance on his gyro-wheel. While just across the street on the other corner an Eju shaman is selling holistic remedies or telling someones fortune with a set of knuckle-bones. Where Knights can carry firearms or swords with no one blinking an eye. Magic and primitive Mechs side by side. Heroes rising and falling across the world in service of one of many nations.

This fantastic world is of my design. My players and I are looking to share this setting and characters with the world via Twitch. We are looking for more players to fill out our roster and begin holding meetings to prepare for our launch date. If this is something you’d like to be part of be aware that we are looking for committed, creative people who want to make something of this game with us. Open Legend is a new system to me however it is a great system to work with narrative story oriented games. Given that I myself am new to the system it would be hypocritical to exclude an inexperienced player. While I am willing to work with newcomers you should be aware that I am expecting some desire to role-play and tell a collaborative narrative story. This is not the group for someone looking to be a murder hobo. Conflicts sometimes happen but refraining from PvP as much as possible helps the group work together smoothly.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be apart of please place an application in the forum linked above, or as a reply/DM to me here in the community.

-This game will be played in English
-The Main timezone will be Eastern Time ( -5 )
-The Genre is Fantasy Steampunk?
-This is a story of heroes, as such evil characters will not be allowed. Flawed is okay
-You will need a Mic Good quality is appreciated
-You will need a Camera again quality is appreciated
-Willing to commit to a long term game
-Willing to Collaborate and Cooperate with the other players and myself.

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Is this still open? I would love to play with you guys, and I have experience with other RPGs and Roll20. Please consider my application