[0/2 LFM] CO-DM's Needed For Multi Genre Campeign!

Language: English
Play Method: Skype/Discord + Roll20
Days: We play every day! Well, 6 days a week. It is expected players participate for at least 4.
Time: 7PM Central Time - 11PM Central time. Play can take place whenever 2 people are presant.

We are currently in the process of creating a massive campaign of elaborately detailed content. We will be enjoying mock sessions and content creation for well over a month as we gear up to start! It’s seriously one of the best campaign experiences you could ever be a part of. Our world spans multiple genre’s from low fantasy, to high fantasy, to Si-fi.

Our campaign is based off the simple premise that we will run any and all content for one another. The ideal objective of every player should be to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of any other player.

We are looking for people who are willing to create and run content, be comfortable with adult content, and sexual content in either DMing or playing. It goes without saying that those who do participate as DM’s will be aptly and fairly rewarded with our DM points system and will get to play their own player character.

We don’t care if you are new or experienced, just get in contact with me for an interview at these places or post here with questions. (I can respond much faster to skype) Thank you for your time!

Skype: jackle600
Discord: jac600#6691

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I have a couple questions:

Do you have an idea for when this will start?
How early would you like someone to confirm their presence to a session?
The 4 x 4 hours a week seems quite demanding and I was wondering if you would be against someone trying it out to see if they can manage it before fully dedicating?

We will start whenever our campaign is done, as we’ve had experience rushing campaigns in the past to great dismay. That being said, it will likely be complete at some point around October. And yes, given that our campaign is not currently running it’d be very reasonable for someone to get a taste and see if they like it. It’s very different from other campeigns.

Speaking of a taste however, I wanted to give a demo of the quality of content we are offering in this campaign. This is a lore entry made by our head DM recently on one of the bleakest factions we have to bare. This was one of just over a dozen entries talking about the primary race of this faction ‘the blight’ I hope you are interested, it’s a good read. I’d love to hear from you before too long.

The Morei are the unrivaled majority of The Blight, their numbers like their depravity is beyond comprehension. Once serving as the infantry of The Blighted Kingdom, the Morei have devolved into feral rage induced savages who utilize their numbers and misconceptions regarding this intelligence to outwit and overwhelm their foes. Contrary to common belief Morei do not attack at random, instead following the prophesied words of the Pale Seers to the letter.

Morei do not fear death, their unwavering belief in reincarnation leads them to concur that the demise of one physical body is not only the beginning but a necessity to achieving the forlorn perfection they seek. Many underlings in particular favor the concept of being reborn into a position of status and grandeur, believing that their suffering in life will somehow manifest into the future of their destiny.

Morei are well known for having sense that are borderline supernatural. They can see perfectly in the dark and bare a keen scent that is particularly valuable in tracking prospective quarries. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world the particularly talented ‘sniffers’ are often utilized to find trade routes, allowing the Morei to find hidden settlements and set elaborate ambushes. Such is particularly dangerous for hunters as the Morei can easily follow a mark back to an otherwise secluded den.

The Morei have mastered the art of tunneling, having dug thousands of miles of warrens within the past century alone. While the tunnels may seem unstable, a variety of secrets and regents can guarantee that most of said networks will outlive the Morei species. Such tunnels are utilized for safe travel below ground and escaping potential threats. Many of the entrances and corridors are kept narrow enough to comfortably fit one Morei whilst keeping the larger more brutish foes out of their network. Ever the paranoid sort, it is not uncommon for the Morei to trap their networks, utilizing various scents only a Morei can detect to label which passages and entrances are safe and not.

Surface dwellers will rarely ever see a female Morei, this is because all ‘breeders’ as they are called are kept in specially designated chambers, filled to the brim with incestuous encounters of a variety best left to the imagination. The shear number of Morei that exist greatly vouches for both the efficiency and number of these horrific chambers.

On account of the ‘incestuous tendencies’ and their innate connection to the Warp Stone it should come as no surprise that the Morei society is plagued by a great many ‘mutants’. Ever the resourceful sort the Morei tend to view such mutations as a gift and utilize the strangest of their kin for the beneficial aspects of their wild and varied conditions. The Ratogre is the most well known of such mutations and has become quite feared throughout the world for their nigh unstoppable status as a juggernaut.

"I lost my wife and kids to those monsters. . . " - Borderland Settler


I quite enjoyed the lore excerpt. I’m definitely interested but I’m just uncertain if I’ll be able to deal with the schedule. I am willing to give it a try and see if I can make it work.

Ok! Can you message me on skype or discord?

I’ll do it on Discord since I prefer it over Skype. I’m kind of busy right now so I’ll do it later today, if you don’t mind.

Okie dokie potential applicants! Still got spots open to join!