Where is sneak?

New to the game as of last weekend and love it, but how does one sneak, hide, etc?
Was it kind of ignored in the creation? Seems odd as Perception is specific attribute. Where is it’s counterpart?
Are we supposed to simply use agility? That seems MUCH too broad.
The ninja/ thief/ assassin builds that I’ve found don’t really seem have anything appropriate.
I’m sure I must be missing something. If so, can someone please provide some some examples of appropriate skills/ builds.

Agility is the “move with stealth” attribute. If you are wanting a more magical solution, Alteration or Influence could possibly help. The Invisibility boon grants Adv3 on “Agility rolls to hide” and adds to Guard as well since one is harder to hit when invisible.

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Yes hiding is just an agility roll. It has to do with how well you can contort youself into small places and move quietly. It’s not that strange, DnD uses its counterpart in dexterity much the same way.

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There are many possibilities to allow you to sneak. The biggest thing is to describe how your character is sneaking, and then use the appropriate attribute.

For most people, this will be done via Agility. However, someone who is very Logically based, might be able to use their logic to stay int eh shadows, move across the ground, or locate the best avenue to move. You could even argue perception if you are creative enough.

Plus many ways to do it via extraordinary.

The thing is, depending on setting, there could be a lot of differences. Are you in a space ship and attempting to sneak, that could be logic/learning to use the commands correctly, Movement to manage the engines, Alteration to manage cloaking.

Are you in modern times where agility to creep without creaking the floor boards.

Maybe you are doing intrigue, and have to use your Presence.

But yeah, for most it is just Agility (like in many TTRPG systems, Dex/Agility).


It’s a little strange to me. Yes, stealth is an aspect of Dexterity in D&D but they are not one in the same. A character can invest in the skill or even specialize in it. I guess I’m wishing there was a feat in Open Legend that would allow for that type of focus. The game is just so incredibly modular and accounts for so much that I’m surprised something as important and as common as sneaking is just lumped in with agility.

it is called Open Legend for a reason.

Creating a feat for sneaking wouldn’t be too hard. But that is what the various Advantages are, and actually there is.

Take Skill Specialization.


It’s important to realize that Perception in Open Legend is not the same as Perception in D&D. In D&D it is a skill, based on the Wisdom ability. There isn’t something directly analogous in Open Legend. In fact the Perception attribute functions more like the Wisdom ability score in many ways than it does the Perception skill.

As far as the question of where is it’s counterpart, it actually has many counterparts, not just sneaking. As has been mentioned, multiple attributes could be used to sneak. There are other activities, though, that would (or at least could) also be opposed by Perception. Some examples:

  • Lying (uses Deception)
  • Hiding traps (uses Logic)
  • Illusions (use Influence)

This list is not exhaustive, but these are all things that, under the right circumstances and with the right explanation from the player, could be considered a “counterpart” to Perception.

I think you meant “uses Influence” :wink:

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I did indeed, though the general point of the post remains unchanged. I’ve updated it.

I just realized I never have to ask players if they are sneaking again. I don’t know why, but in many role play sessions I was repeatedly asking if certain characters were sneaking or not. Now, in Open Legend all I have to do is ask for an Agility check in the appropriate places. It seems so logical now. Who in the world walks around kicking every can and rock in a violent and dangerous place. I can literally see rogues, thieves, assassins, etc. always being as quiet and stealthy as possible, especially in dangerous situations when they are taking point heading into a dark corrupted mine.

To never having to say that my character is sneaking again. : )

Much appreciated,
Monchkrit Bashlan

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