What boon would I use to shield an ally

I looked though the boon list twice now and maybe im just missing it completely. I want to use my element skill as an ice mage to create a temporary ice armor for my allies. I do not want to make a ice barrier I want to armor allies with ice.

You would use the Resistance boon for persistent armor, or the Defend Interrupt action to protect from individual attacks, for which you can find the rules in the Combat Chapter under “Interrupt Actions”.


If it’s going to be a long lasting effect that is pure ice it could be a thing to try and make with your GM. I’m just thinking that an armor of ice for someone not attuned to it sounds cold, so maybe they get some defencive bonus on to of some penalties to other things. (Again this is me thinking in vacuum, might make sence in your setting and heroes that they don’t take penalties)

The defend action is not to be underestimated tho since you use your next major action for it and only when you know something would hit. Also have some cool feats associated with it to make it a rather powerful playstyle if you wanna speck even more into it.

Like @SamWilby said, your best option is Resistance Boon to simulate this, or even Defends. However, if you expanded what:

What do you mean by temporary in this case? It only lasts for one hit? Then Defend fits better, it lasts as long as you focus, resistance works better.

Another way to do this is actually with the Heal boon. Remember, everything in Open Legend is about flavor/fluff you put into it. So if you have Heal, especially at Boon Focus 2, you can heal an ally as a minor action and describe it as ice protecting them from a blow.

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