Wealth Level - Relative Descriptions

Hi folks,

I was thinking about how to communicate the wealth level of items when my players are in a shop etc.

What I came up with are terms relative to the PC’s wealth level.

ex. If the PC will not drop a wealth level = “affordable” or “quite affordable”.
ex. If the PC will drop a wealth level = “a little expensive” or “expensive”.

If this were a chart it would be something like:

Lower than PC Wealth Level: “Affordable”, “Cheap”, “Insignificant”.
Same as PC Wealth Level: “Averagely Priced”, “Average Value”, “Decently Priced”.
HIgher than PC Wealth Level: “Expensive”, “Pricey”, “Quite Costly”.

I’m just fleshing this out. I’m trying to get a consistent set of relative terms in relation to how it will impact the PC’s Wealth Level.

Any thoughts you lovely people?



I use power of 10 in gold pieces to convey wealth level costs.

0 WL: Less than a gold peice
1 WL: 1 to 10 GP
2 WL 11 to 100 GP


I like the descriptors as well, and use them too. It helps make interaction with the NPC more immersive for sure. Somewhat paradoxically, giving hard numbers shortcuts meta discussion like “So… does Expensive mean it will cost me a WL?”


I like the hard numbers.

My players have been told the significance of “cheap” vs “average” vs “pricey”. Going forward I may try out the hard numbers and see how that goes. Perhaps a mixture of the two.

Usually I start with descriptors, and if they press I give a hard price.

Think of a merchant steering a customer away from items they think the customer can’t afford: “Ah, you have excellent taste, my friend! But… I think these over here will be more to your liking.”

If the player persists, I will give a hard price so they can make a decision.