Using influence to bolster

Found out you can’t bolster with influence, which was confusing to me. If feels logical that you can mentally psych someone up no? Anyone know why this isn’t possible?

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A balancing of what attributes have what boons, banes, and damaging ability basically.

The GM is always free to allow an attribute access to a boon it might normally have. Influence has the ability to do a lot via banes and some unique boons to it already.

This is the same reason why Alteration doesn’t have access to heal, only regen. Alteration already has so much access to a large volume of boons. It makes a character have to decide to spread out a little if they really want to be able to do everything.

It could make sense for Influence to have access to bolster, so it is something you could discuss with your GM, or if you are the GM, something you could consider allowing.

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