The Stair Fairy (Curse)

“Have you ever woken up feeling like you had been hit by a train in the night?”.

The Stair Fairy is a being that stalks those who sleep. Usually deemed too violent to continue work as a tooth fairy, the Stair Fairy takes the sleeping victim and throws them down stairs, drags them across the floor, drops things on them as they sleep. When they awake in the morning, they feel oddly sore and ill rested.


If a PC is cursed (by upsetting a Shaman, stealing a sacred object or other means), they must roll 1d6 each time they sleep. On the roll of a 1-2, they still suffer fatigue upon waking.


The fairy is replaced by “Alan the annoying ghostly bard” who, at the GM’s discretion (upon rolling 1-2 on a d6) may appear before the cursed PC making an ungodly racket of poor singing and playing. The PC suffers disadvantage 1 to all rolls during this time. The ghostly bard is only visible and can only be heard by the affected PC.


Haha, oh man, this would be so aweful…

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I’m about to use it on my players :slight_smile:

Inspired partially by this SNL sketch: