The Drunken Sailor

Hey guys!

I’m the GM of a local Swashbuckling campaign of Open Legend, and I’d like to share with you the character one of my PCs (with a bit of GM guidance) came up with:

Morgan Rumhand, the Drunken Sailor

The idea behind this character is pretty neat. The overall concept my player had was for his character to be a better fighter when he was drunk. His inspiration, appropriately, was Captain Morgan.

Building the Character

We wanted to give him something cool and unique that he could use at first level, and my first thought was Battle Trance. But let’s give it a twist:

• Whenever Morgan drinks rum, he enters Battle Trance.

Then, we thought it would be awesome for him to be able to hit so hard, that he could make his opponents vomit! So my next thought was Attribute Substitution II (Might > Entropy).

There were some issues with that. It just didn’t make sense to me that he would have access to ranged non-physical attacks and boons that come with Entropy, and we’re up to 7 feat points with that (we’re starting out at 0 XP).

Our solution?

Link his Attribute Substitution II to his Battle Trance, and only let him use Entropy for melee attacks (that can target Guard OR Toughness, depending on the situation). It seemed balanced, while still being unique:

• Whenever Morgan drinks rum and subsequently enters Battle Trance, he may make melee attacks with the Entropy attribute in addition to the Might attribute.

The Future

From here on, the next feats he will probably choose as he increases in level will be:

• Extraordinary Focus (Rum/Entropy)
This is already part of his design, just without the bigger dice.

• Reckless Attack

• Indomitable Endurance

• Overpowering Strike

• Crushing Blow

• Destructive Trance

His character’s play style is reflected as well in his Attributes. His priorities are:

1.) Might
2.) Fortitude
3.) Will
4.) Presence
5.) Agility

What do you think?

Let me know what your thoughts are on the character! Is it balanced? Do you have other ideas? Do you think it’s not enough like Captain Morgan, and too much like Popeye the Sailor Man?