Teleport and Opportunity Attacks

If Teleport or any other ability/boon/feat gave a character the ability to disappear from their current space and appear in another space somewhere else, was it intended by the rules that I as the dm count the above as examples of movement for the purposes of provoking opportunity attacks by adjacent enemies when target leaves their threat area?

If not, what rules or features might curb an enemy or character’s ability to teleport in an out of battle?

If so, what are some ways to move in and out of combat without triggering opportunity attacks?

Teleport shouldn’t provoke attacks of opportunity, unless the GM rules it otherwise for whatever reason (setting, preference or whatever). Another way to get away without provoking is the “Evasive Footwork” feat.

Ways to prevent these kinds of shenanigans I can think of are for example waiting to act and grapple (immobilise) in the case of Evasive Footwork or waiting to act with Nullify ready in the case of teleport.

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Thanks. That covers what I was looking for.