Swinging in to action

I’m looking in to how I should go about approaching a character like Batman or Spiderman whose movement is swinging from building to building etc. Currently I’m thinking Flight feat but a cost of 2 instead of 3 to represent the neef for something to attach to. Any other ideas?

You could use:

  • The Flight feat
  • Case-by-case invocation of the Flight boon
  • A slightly modified Climbing feat
  • An Extraordinary item (“Grappling Hook”) with appropriate cost in Wealth Level, though it would likely have to be a Legendary item
  • Generic Attribute rolls using the rules for jumping (see chapter 7, under “Move Actions” http://www.openlegendrpg.com/core-rules/07-combat)

Or, you could come up with something totally new to cover it, since it seems like something that would be happening fairly often in your campaign. Let us know what you decide to go with :smile:

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For Batman, I would just use Movement > Teleportation, but flavor it as grappling hook.

For Spiderman, a lot of what Sam already said. Actually, I would just take the Fly feat, but it is a cost of 3 for a reason, so I’m not sure I would drop it down to a 2. Still powerful even if it is limited flight.

You can get out of a lot of situations. However, I would suggest using the Boon Flight instead, as you can, at higher levels, have more movement, and it sounds like better flavor for spiderman really.

combine it with Boon Focus if you want to make sure it is more likely to succeed.

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I also wanted to suggest climbing, with maybe the addition of the teleport boon. You could also take boon focus to make sure your “teleport” succeeds every time.

Climbing is a for sure thing for Spider Man

I’ve certainly thought about leaving the flight feat the same at cost 3. The issue is this is a space faring campaign so there are definitely situations where straight flight is much more powerful then swing flight. As for flight boon level 5 10ft seems a little slow which would mean I at least need 6.

An item seems good or the teleport actually maybe brought down to a minor with Boon Focus 2 to represent the speed increase.

Thanks for the ideas

I should also add this for a villian to my level 4 party but they might be level 5 by the time they get to him.