Sustaining Boons and Summon Creature

When a character invokes a boon, must he use a minor action to sustain the newly invoked boon in the same turn for it to persist after his turn ends? For example, a cleric invokes Resistance on himself. Before his turn ends, does he need to sustain the Resistance boon?

The second example under “Sustain a Boon” in the Combat section suggests that a character must sustain on the same turn. Doctor Van Strankenkloff already has the Darkness boon. When he invokes the Shapeshift boon, he can only choose to sustain one boon at a time; he chooses to sustain Shapeshift, and Darkness ends at the end of his turn.

If a character must indeed sustain a boon on the same turn as it is invoked, how does one sustain the Summon Creature boon? Summon Creature has an invocation time of 1 focus action. When a character uses a focus action, he forfeits his major, move, and minor actions for the round. Therefore, the summoner does not have a minor action with which to sustain Summon Creature, and the boon ends at the end of his turn.

I believe in this case the example is just badly worded, the boon ends at the end of the first turn where you do not sustain it apart from the first turn. You do not have to sustain boons on the turn you invoke them. The example should read “at the end of his next turn”

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Understood. Thank you for your reply!

My group finished the starter campaign “A Star Once Fallen” last night. There were a couple of times I wanted to use a focus action to invoke a badly-needed boon, but I wasn’t sure if I could sustain it because I wouldn’t have a minor action. Now I know that I can.