Seeking Data Entry Enthusiasts for Wiki

So I thought I had posted this, but you know me, I didn’t, haha.

Some of you may have seen I’ve been getting ready to make live the Open Legend Wiki. Well, I’ve actually had it pretty much ready to go for awhile (oopsie).

Naturally it needs stuff filled out, and part of what I don’t have is automation for all the page types, I have it auto populate for the Characters (NPCs, Creatures, Playable Characters, etc).

It won’t be hard to make the others able to have that, but might as well let people start using it and filling stuff in instead of waiting for perfection to be finished (OCD/Perfectionist getting in the way).

I would like a few more pages filled out for examples of people to look out before I wide release it (though I imagine clever people could find it via google anyways).


Looking for people interested in being … sorta Admins, probably curators is a better term. Help enter data (like feats, perks, flaws) into the wiki, as well as sometimes check over things that have been entered by others to make sure it is a nice format (and possibly edit it to fit a standard).

Naturally, ti is a wiki, so this can already be done by anyone, but there are so special access I can grant later (such as purging bad accounts of bots).

Some info on the wiki. Always free to read and edit, there is a sign-up you have to do if you want to edit, however. This is meant to protect against bots (which I already had to fight off quite a few in the past). I currently have security up for sign-up where you have to answer some questions. These are questions I came up with myself along with the answers, and it should be fairly obvious the answers if you aren’t a bot.

However, if you are having problems, let me know and I can see about changing them (especially if your first language isn’t English… I don’t think it would cause a problem, but let me know).

Anyways, simply respond to this post if you are serious about helping curate the wiki, and do a bit of data entry work over the next week. You can also message me on Discord.

around Wednesday of next week (April 11th or 12th), I’ll post the link and make the official announcement so everyone can start using it.


Naturally, if you already know how to use and edit a WIKI, that is a big help.

It isn’t a hard thing, honestly, but with everything that is new, you have a slight learning curve. It’s mainly just like using a word processor in a lot of ways, at least with how this is setup, but there is a small amount of wiki code to know. Luckily most of that can be seen in the pages I’ve already thrown up.

Oh, I’d absolutely help. I don’t have experience with Wikis but I’m sure I can figure it out.

I’m also interested. Also not a lot previous Wiki experience but I think I could do it.

I’d be happy to help out. I have the time, I’m perfectly comfortable around a wiki (used many and have written wiki software before). Mainly I just really really want a good, popular and well curated OL wiki to exist.

I’m also in the middle of a side project writing some software for OL GMs so entering, transforming and laying out OL data is something I’m pretty comfortable with at this point. I’m sure it’s mostly manual work, but if automation could help save some time anywhere there’s good odds I could help there as well.


Automation is always nice. I have a template that auto-fills out and makes the page for a Creature/NPC so you just fill in the information. Plan to do that for all the page types, but I’ll get to that part when I can.

I’ll shoot you all a message here, or on discord, depending if I know your name on discord