Scifi combat with different guns?

So GM-ing a scifi rpg but not sure in how to do combat exactly , like the how combat will go and the different weapons, Its actually a Halo rpg but only using human weapons to try to make it simpler

Weapons are listed in Wealth and Equipment, they all work the same regardless of setting, that’s the beauty.

Rolling your attribute is how well you use the item.

A “hit” is not an actual literal hit most times. A shot close to your body causes you to be less sure and not as willing to stay in the fight, etc etc. Lots of ways to describe stuff.


If I recall correctly in the “Halo” franchise, different Covenant weaponry had different properties!

I suggest diving into making different “classes” of Covenant weapons (and the human weapons as well) to see what goes where!

For example, the Needle Gun - maybe limited exploding ammo similar to how it actually works in the original games??? It’s up to you!

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You could have a needler that gets advantage or bonuses if attacking a target multiple turns in a row. Terran Marine weapons have ammo. Covenant weapons don’t have ammo, but can only be fired X turns in a row before they need to cool down.

If you incorporate shields give covenant weapons advantage against shields.

Maybe disadvantage to use a weapon of the other side. So a Marine picking up a needler would have disadvantage using it.