Resource techniques feat

If Open Legend is about self- limitation, then, in my opinion, players should be rewarded for using imaginary limiter. I mainly talk about things like mana, concetracion and stamina. It would open lots of funny builds, like one- hit build that’s less efective later in combat. It also expands Fatigued Bane, which can consume resources, if it’s mental or physical source. If it’s material source, like runes, blood, some magic gadgets like puppets or Extraordinary Focus it can be mechanically reduced, by stealing, byTelekinesis or another way.
This is more complex description:
Energy Resource(I-II)
Cost: 2
prerequisites: Martial Focus or Extraordinary Focus
Description: Whether by breaking your physical limitations, making your spells more effective due to extreme focus or just using resource like mana, you are able to increase your effectivity by sacrificing your resource of power.
Tier I: With your GM approval choose an attribute you are focused on. You gain 5+ half of your level resource points, rounded down. For each point spent you gain advantage 1 on your next action roll.
You can spend maximum number of the points equal to your level at once.
You regain your points when you rest long enough (up to GM and amount of points spent).
When you have no resource points left, you gain disadvantage equal to points spent.
Tier II: you can break your limits even harder. You are able to trade 2 points of resource per 1 level of Fatigue Bane.

I really like the idea of this feat @Igotex! The overall concept makes sense, and could make for a very interesting, usable feat.

What initially concerns me here is the potential for extra bookkeeping, which Open Legend has tried to limit and simplify. Having said that, feats are completely optional, and any given player may want to make the extra effort for the reward. I could see someone who likes a little more complexity taking a feat like this.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to exist as a feat. I would consider a House Rule offering Legend Points for self-limitation where it applies. That would still grant a mechanical benefit for players who practice limitation, without having them invest their valuable feat points in it.

Either way, I’d say give more thought into how the feat would work specifically, and show us what you come up with, @Igotex!

I would say this is the way to already do this in the system without changing anything. It would hardly be a house rule either, as legend points can already be used as a way to reward.

However, creating more concrete concept behind it can be good, and give a more clear cut way for the player to understand how to get the legend points.

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