Representing Reload Rates for Muzzleloading Firearms?

Given that it’s incredibly unrealistic for someone to load a muzzleloader (which, for those of you not versed in firearm terminology, means a gun where the ammunition has to be rammed down the barrel) in the length of a single round, how would you handle them in a game? Homebrew something? Just give them the Delayed Ready property and call it a day? In either case, would you give them the Deadly property for balance?

Delayed Ready sounds about right, and as for balancing using Deadly, that depends on the base stats of the gun and how it’s supposed to compare to other weaponry. Is it meant as something to start with, or as something to work for? Is it supposed to be relatively powerful in the setting, or more of a backup weapon for if there’s little better for choosing from? Is it something you’d let a level 1 have right as the game starts, or do you want a level 9 to seriously consider choosing it over the other options they have?

In one game that muzzleloader could be the gun you want them to have just for a couple combats before replacing it, and another it could be what you want the final boss to suffer death via, and a third anywhere between.


usually you aren’t going for simulation here anyways, so I wouldn’t worry about how long it really takes. Simply Delayed Ready.

No real reason to give it deadly I’d say. Giving it a possible area of attack, like a line shot might make sense.

I made a black powder rifle for a setting, I did a special section for some lethal damage to it, but that’s b/c it made sense in my setting. You could easily have this without the lethal.

I’d say the advantage is probably the range of the rifle more than anything.

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to note, the players being able to inflict Lethal Damage isn’t nearly as bad as NPCs being able to do it to the Players. Players constantly taking lethal damage is bad. NPCs are only in teh scene that one fight generally, so Lethal Damage doesn’t affect them much (some cases where it is good to have of course).

So always be careful with NPCs having weapons that can inflict Lethal. This is why I limited it to only 2 lethal. And they were/are sparse in the setting (at least this rifle version with the lethal).

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@Crazy_Mac @Great_Moustache Thanks for the help!

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