New YouTube Series: The Grumpy Grognard - Open Legend Core Mechanics

Hello everyone, I’ve started filming in a Vlog format some YouTube videos to help with the less crunchy aspects of Open Legend. There will be some mechanics involved, but this specific series is to help folks transition over from other systems and for the new gamers we bring in.

Please take a watch, sorry for the quality and content, but feel free to share with your friends who may have questions about this system we’ve all grown to love!

1st Video: Core Mechanics: Success With A Twist & Failing Forward (added 4/30/2017) -

2nd Video: Core Mechanics: Exploding Dice (added 4/30/2017) -

3rd Video: Core Mechanics: Self Limitations, Races & Classes, Perks & Flaws (added 5/2/2017) -


4th Video is now up!

Open Legends Core Mechanics: Fun > Story > Rules -


New video up!

Be A Rebel! Break the Rules! Have More Fun! -